Dog Whistle Politics Scenario and Debrief

To help union members and leaders identify coded racist political appeals, call out politicians who use them, and so inoculate members and the public against their appeals.


- Create a brave space for courageous conversations with union members to discuss issues pertaining to race and how it affects the labor movement.
- Maintain a better understanding for leaders of how racial and class inequality affects our unions.
- Understand that leaders cannot win larger labor fights unless they work with the community--particularly communities of color--and that we are being divided by corporations and politicians to weaken our movement.
- Learn that leaders have a role in advocating for systemic issues that affect communities of color, such as education, the justice system, public safety and its relationship back to building a stronger labor movement and a more conscious nation.
- Articulate leaders' fears around working with Black Lives Matter and other groups organizing for racial justice, as well as to dispel the myth.


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